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PostSubject: Rules/Information   Rules/Information Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2007 1:35 pm


1.) The Rules
2.) User ranks (on chat board)
3.) What to do if someone breaks a rule
4.) What to do in Certain Situations
5.) Common Questions

1.) The Rules

Disruptive Posting (aka Spam)
Behavior that disrupts the Service for other users, intentional or not, are prohibited.
-large blank or content-free messages
-posting multiple identical or near-identical messages or topics, including "fad" posts or topics
-intentionally hard-to-read topic titles or posts (i.e. ALL CAPS, AlTeRnAtE cApS, no spaces, no or excessive punctuation)
-posting multiple hard-to-read or nonsensical messages in a single or multiple topics

Offensive Material
Users may not transmit or encourage others to transmit material or links to material considered patently offensive in nature.
-using vulgar, profane, or sexually explicit language
-using race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality, or gender as a means of insult
-using threatening, harassing, defamatory, hate-speech, or libelous language
-posting, requesting, or otherwise sharing material considered pornographic, obscene, graphic, or hate speech.

Trolling (Inciting flames)
Messages intended solely to annoy and/or offend other users by going against the clear nature of a board, topic or chat room are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to
-provoking other users to respond with flames
-provoking fans of a particular system or game, especially on boards or topics dedicated to that system or game
-making misleading topic titles
-asking obviously useless questions
-posting false information as fact.

2.) User Ranks (on chat board)

Off Line

3.) What to do if someone breaks a rule

Message a Mod or Admin right away. We will take care of it.

4.) What to do in Certain Situations

I forgot my password/username!
Get on a chat box and PM a Admin. Or e-mail Acer at
My account was hi-jacked!
E-mail Acer ASAP
Somebody broke the rules!
Message a Mod or Admin right away. We will take care of it.
I don't know how to [insert task here]
If it's for a game, try asking your question on the game's specific board.
If its for something else just message a Mod.

5.) Common Questions

How do I link/bold/underline/italicize?
[url] [/url] LINK - Your text in the middle
Just look below the topic name. the big B is BOLDING, I is ITALICIZE, U is UNDERLINE
How do I become a(n) [insert rank name here]?
Chat Box Mod - Ask the Founder Acer
Mod - Ask the Founder Acer
Founder - You can't so don't ask
Admin - You really can't either
How do I [insert task here] on [insert game here]?
Go to the correct System and make topic. Someone will get back to you.
Why did my topic get locked/deleted?/Why did my post get Edit/Deleted?
It might of been because it wasn't following the rules.

That is all the rules I can think of. If a Mod or a Admin finds anymore rules they want on this topic I will squeez it in there. This topic will be locked. I will post a Link on the chat board if the rules are updated.

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Rules/Information Ikesig2

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